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The M1 Hard Core Hardtop


The Hard Core Series of bars were originally designed to meet the requirements for participation in the now defunct SCCA Solo 1 class. Some venues continue to utilize these specifications. Check the rules for the particular event in which you plan to participate as the event organizers have the final word on safety requirements. 

This series of bars are legal for, and actually exceed the requirements, for the current SCCA Time Trials, SCCA Solo and NASA HPDE events.

Stock seats and belts are compatible for the competitor that wants to maintain a dual purpose car for street and track events.

The M1 Hard Core models fit all Miata chassis from 1990 - 2005 and are specifically designed for plastic rear window convertible tops. Not compatible with glass rear window soft tops.

The Single and Double Diagonal versions of the M1 Hard Core Bars are built with an integral harness bar as standard equipment
There's no room for a PROPER straight integral harness bar with the X Brace strength optimized diagonal angles. A Bolt-In Harness Bar is required for shoulder strap mounting with the X Brace.

The M1 Hard Core Hardtop is compatible with Mazda hard tops with stock latches and all plastic rear window soft tops.

Preferable for taller drivers using stock seats because of the more rearward placement of the main hoop. See the Schematic Views on our Application Guide for main hoop placement comparisons.




  • Not sure which Roll Bar is right for you? Contact Us!

  • Protect your bean. Custom formed high density padding is now available for Hard Dog Roll Bars!

Features include:

  • Allows full seat travel and tilt

  • Full interior width; farther to the rear than the standard Hard Core allowing better head clearance

  • Complete use of Mazda hard tops with side latches and plastic rear window soft tops

  • Durable black powdercoat finish

  • Available with one, two or "X" diagonal braces

  • Integral  harness bar standard with single and double diagonals

  • Constructed of highest quality 1.75" diam x .120" wall drawn over mandrel tubing

  • Laser cut 3/16" mounting and back-up plates

  • Complete hardware kit w/ grade 8 bolts

  • Compatible with stock seat belts

Roll Bar Accessories:

M1 Hard Core Hardtop - Mazda Hard Tops & Plastic Window Soft Tops - Contiguous 48 U.S. States Shipping $225.00
Item/Number Description
TB1 Single Diagonal
TB2 Double Diagonal
TBX X Brace Diagonal (No integral harness bar) *
Stitched Covers w/ our NEW Custom Formed High Density Padding - Contiguous U.S. Shipping $30.00
Item/Number Description
V Black Vinyl w/ custom formed padding
L Black Leather w/ custom formed padding
Custom Formed High Density Padding - Contiguous U.S. Shipping $30.00
Item/Number Description
CPAD Formed Pad Only

Hard Core Hardtop Single Diagonal
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Hard Core Hardtop Double Diagonal with Vinyl Cover
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Hard Core Bar with X Brace Diagonals
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Hard Core Hardtop Double Diagonal
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* Our Bolt-In Harness Bar must be used for harness attachment with the X Brace Diagonals

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Updated Jan 1, 2024