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Roll Bar Padding


Hard Dog Fabrication offers SFI Approved High Density and traditional Foam roll bar padding.

Our high density padding is manufactured by BSCI*, a leader in the production of impact energy absorption materials. It is a semicircular pad labeled and certified to meet SFI spec 45.1, includes a built-in adhesive strip.

The same SFI approved material is used to manufacture the custom formed padding for our Hard Dog Roll Bar models. The pad is 5/8" thick and includes an adhesive strip that attaches the padding to the front of the bar when used with a cover. Tie wraps, tape or some other attachment is required if this padding is used without one of our vinyl or leather covers.

NOTE on Formed and High Density Padding: The Formed padding offered below is the best Roll Bar Padding available for your Hard Dog Roll Bar. However, the material will discolor & deteriorate from long term exposure to sunlight. Our Vinyl or Leather Covers are recommended to protect your padding.

Already have Custom Formed High Density Padding for your Roll Bar and need a Vinyl or Leather Cover?


The soft "Foam Padding" is a split wraparound offset design. It is manufactured specifically for roll bar use but does not provide the level of impact protection offered by the high density padding.



  • Custom formed high density padding is now available for Hard Dog Roll Bars!
Custom Formed Main Hoop High Density Padding

Item/Number Description
S PAD Hard Dog Miata/MX5 Hard Bar, M1 & M2 Sport Bars, Cages and many other brands of roll bars built from 1-1/2" tubing

C PAD Hard Dog BMW Z3, Honda S2000, Miata/MX5 (Hard Core, Ace, M3 Bars & Xtreme), Toyota MR2 Spyder Bars and many other brands roll bars built from 1-3/4" tubing

D PAD Hard Dog Miata/MX5 Deuce. Includes 2 pieces formed to fit the Deuce "U" bend hoops.

SFI Approved High Density Padding- 36" Stick For 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" Diameter Bars
Item/Number Description
 Select Roll Bar Size
Foam Padding - 36" Stick
Item/Number Description

*For more information visit BSCI

The high density padding is subject to discoloration and degradation from long term exposure to sunlight. We strongly suggest covering the pad.

WARNING: This article is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty is made to this product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

Updated Oct 15, 2020