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Spyder Bar Installation


These instructions apply to the the installation of the Toyota MR2 Spyder bar. Contact Us if you have any additional questions.



10.  Back to the engine compartment.

Remove the nut bracket on the driver side of the firewall using a rotary tool or by drilling the spot welds. This needs to be smooth to allow the back up plate to be installed properly. Be sure to protect the enigine intake from flying debris.

11. Install the rearward brace mounting bolts through the firewall into the backup plates with the usual bolts and washers. Once these are in place go through and tighten all fasteners to 50 ft lbs.




12. Make sure all of the mounting bolts are tight. Seal the openings you've created in the fuel tank cavity with expanding foam or a sheet metal patch and spray the area including the smaller backup plates with undercoating.

Once everything is tight and sealed. Reinstall the fuel tank.

13. Attach all of the wires, fuel hoses and evaporative emission lines. Mount the computer back to the firewall, install the air filter and battery. Make sure everything is clear and start the engine. Check for leaks at the fuel pump and evap connections. If all's clear, trim the evaporative canister cover as shown in step 3, install it and glue the fuel pump cover in place.


14. Install the seat belt reels and relocate the shoulder harness guides to the bar using the hardware included. See Fig #3

15. The "room partition board" or rear carpet will need to be cut neatly down the middle to get it back in the car. Trim to fit around the rearward braces and install.


16. This is what your interior trim will look like if you do a good job cutting it to fit around your roll bar. Trim the corners of the "luggage compartment boxes" and whack some big peices off the quarter trim. The factory cross brace and attaching parts are not reinstalled.

17. Quarter trim

18. Finished product. Install the seats and and the soft top latch and you're done.



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Updated May 18, 2008 9:05 PM