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Spyder Bar Installation


These instructions apply to the the installation of the Toyota MR2 Spyder bar. Contact Us if you have any additional questions.



1.  Put the top down and unhook the battery.

2.  Remove the seats and interior components shown in fig

Also remove the seat belt reel bolts and shoulder harness guide bolts.

3. In the area below the luggage compartment lower plastic panels. Remove the evaporative emissions canister cover bolted on the driver's side and the fuel pump cover glued with silicone on the passenger side.




4. Disconnect the wires and hoses going to the fuel pump and gauge sender on the passenger side. The fuel lines are tricky with plastic clips. Be careful not to break them.
Unplug the evap line pictured on the driver side.

5. Loosen the computer located on the firewall behind the driver side and turn the top bracket around as shown.

Also remove enough of the firewall insulation to allow the rear brace plates to attach directly to the metal.

From the engine compartment, remove the battery and air filter box.


6. Disconnect the fuel filler and vent hoses from under the car. The fuel filler spout has a built in one way valve. It's a lot easier if you do this when you are low on fuel. It also helps if you have a lift. Get some help and unbolt and remove the fuel tank. The coolant and air conditioning lines are very close and require some manipulation. Be careful not to break a line.

7. Get some help, watch the convertible top and set the bar in place. Align the upper brackets on the main hoop with the shoulder harness guide attachment points. Start but do not tighten the bolts included with the bar. Don't forget the fancy trim cap washers.


8. Make sure the bar is sitting all the way down. Using the mounting plates as a guide drill 3/8" holes through all of the bolting locations. Don't drill into hoses or wires!!
From under the car, using a jig saw with a metal cutting blade or rotary cutter open a slot on either side of the fuel tank cavity as shown to install the front lower back up plates. Be careful not to cut too far forward as you can cut through the front of the cross brace. You can leave one side attached to make it easier to seal the opening when you're finished. Slide the back up plates through the slots, have a helper install the bolts, start and snug the nuts but do not tighten.Attach the rear lower main hoop back up plates as shown but do not completely tighten them yet.

9. Back inside the car. Just behind the center console is an opening in the interior cross brace. Using a long screwdriver, metal rod, stick or whatever you can find, slide the back up plates with nuts attached across to align with the bolt holes you just drilled for the upper set of main hoop mountings. Install the bolts but do not tighten.


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Updated May 18, 2008 8:49 PM