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M1 Sport
- Contiguous 48 U.S. States Shipping $175

Item/Number Description
HS Black Powdercoat

HS1D Black Powdercoat w/ Single Diagonal

HS2D Black Powdercoat w/ Double Diagonals

HSXD Black Powdercoat w/ X Brace Diagonals

H Black Powdercoat Integral Harness Bar - Not compatible with X Brace Diagonals

SHS Polished Stainless Steel

SHS1D Stainless w/ Single Diagonal

SHS2D Stainless w/ Double Diagonal

H Stainless Harness Bar

Free Shipping on a Bolt-In Harness Bar,  Padded Cover and Padding when purchased in conjunction with a roll bar.

Stitched Covers w/ our Custom Formed High Density Padding
Item/Number Description
V Black Vinyl w/ custom formed padding

L Black Leather w/ custom formed padding

Custom Formed High Density Padding  
Item/Number Description
SPAD Formed Pad Only

Bolt-In Harness Bar  
Item/Number Description
BHB Bolt-In Harness Bar for use with X Brace Diagonals



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Updated May 1, 2021