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Hard Dog Cages for the NA, NB and NC Miata are designed for use in sanctioned events or street use and are tailored to meet event requirements and / or personal preferences utilizing materials and hardware that exceed SCCA and NASA guidelines.
Weld together or bolted sleeve installation joints available.
Fully compatible with stock hard tops and convertible tops with stock latches.
Glass or plastic rear window soft top versions available for stock door panels or gutted doors.

All Hard Dog Cages and Roll Bars are designed using our time proven superior Bolt-In installation systems. We design and build our safety products not only for ease of installation. Safety is paramount and the continuous focus of the design criteria. Our Bolt-In mounting systems, using properly designed reinforcement plates and high strength hardware, offer superior durability over a structure welded to a sheet metal unibody chassis.

Cages are built to order. Posted pricing is for the standard diagonal, door bar and seat-back bar configurations. You can choose diagonal braces to the rear supports (as with our roll bars), various harness / seat-back bar setups, multiple door bars and the list goes on. Contact Us for consultation about your specific needs, pricing information and freight quotes.

Shipment is via truck freight. A commercial 18 wheeler accessible address or pick-up at the freight comany's terminal is much preferred.



  • Not sure what cage configuration you need? Contact Us!

  • Gift Certificates make the perfect gift any time of year!

Features include:

  • Main hoop designed for full interior height and width

  • Full driver seat travel. Slight loss of passenger seat recline with main hoop diagonal brace.

  • Full use of hard top and soft tops utilizing stock latches

  • Black powdercoat finish

  • 1.5" o.d. x .120" wall DOM carbon steel tubing. 1.75" o.d. or .095" wall available.

  • Standard diagonal Brace in the main hoop plane. Variant or additional diagonal bracing on request.

  • Seat back bar standard

  • Spec Miata Version w/ two door bars per side w/ two connector reinforcements for 1990 - 2005 w/ gutted doors or 1990 - 1997 w/ stock door panels

  • Complete hardware kit w/ grade 8 bolts, self locking huts and 3/16" back-up plates

Cage Accessories:

Item/Number Description Price

NA/NB Spec Miata Cage
- 1990 - 2005 year models
CG20SM NA / NB Spec Miata - 2 Door Bars & 2 Connectors per side $1650.00

NA/NB Street Miata Cage
M1 CG20  NA stock seat & inner panel compatible lower Door Bars -  hard top and/or plastic rear window soft top $1430.00
M2 CG20  NB stock seat & inner panel compatible lower Door Bars -  hard top and/or glass rear window soft top $1485.00

Add On's for NA/NB Cages or existing M1 or M2 Sport or Hard Core bars *
FR20 Add-on Front Section .120 Wall single door bars* $715.00
CD Cage Diagonal (required for SPEC Miata)* $85.00
SBB Seat Back Bars (required for SPEC Miata)* $200.00
DB Additional Door Bars* $120.00 each
CN Additional Door Bar Connectors* $40.00 each
PB Petty Bar - Forward Main Hoop Brace* $185.00
XB Rearward X Brace Diagonals $220.00

NC Cages
- 2006 - 2015 year models
CGNC Built to Specification Starting @ $1650.00

Showroom Stock Cage shown before Powdercoating
Street Cage
shown before Powdercoating.
Click to Enlarge Image

Showroom Stock Cage with one additional door bar
Street Cage w/
one additional door bar
for stock door w/ panel.
Click to Enlarge Image

Hard Dog Cage
Spec Miata Cage w/
door bars
for gutted door
and door bar connectors.
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NC Cage
Removable Hard Top NC Cage
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*Welding Required

WARNING: This article is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty is made to this product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

Updated Aug 15, 2021