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Harness Anti-Sub Belts & Pads


Willans offers sub belts for both the 2" and 3" Camlock harnesses. Sub belts are available in red, blue and black. Double subs provide greater comfort and strength. Typically those with larger body types prefer the T-Type.

Pads are available in three colors and increase the comfort of shoulder or lap straps. Harness pads are available for any of the Willans Harnesses to include, Camlock, Super Sport, and Nascar configurations and can be use on any type harness or factory seatbelts. All pads are easily installed - - wrap around style with back Velcro closure.


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Sub Belts
Item/Number Description
Sub Belts (Double)
$50.00 each
 Select Sub Type
 Select Belt Color
Sub Belt (Single)
$35.00 each
 Select Belt Color
Harness Pads
Item/Number Description
PD2 2" Harness Pads
$25.00 pair
 Select Pad Color
PD3 3" Harness Pads
$30.00 pair
 Select Pad Color

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Updated November 22, 2011 4:27 PM