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A few emails from our customers...

November 25, 2006

I would like to thank you for having such a good product, the Hard Dog double deuce rollbar for the Mazda Miata. My brother just got into an accident with the car, and it flipped over. He's okay minus some scrapes and bruises, but he probably wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the HD rollbar the car had. Thank you for making such a great product that saved his life!

Nathan Secrest





Deuce Crash Photo

Deuce Crash Photo

February 15, 2005
Dear Hard Dog (and Friends),

Enclosed are pictures from my "incident" last October. My beloved '93 Back and Tan Miata was totaled, but thanks to your awesome roll bar I wasn't!!!! I walked away without a scratch, the roll bar having kept the car up off me when it flipped.

We were out for a Sunday drive, I hit a patch of wet leaves and the right rear wheel went off the raod. There was nothing I could do to save it at that point. Some rock outcroppings ripped through the passenger side (thankflly I was alone in the car), caused the car to flip and then it skidded down te road on the roll bar. When it stopped I found myself hanging by my seltbelt and Thank God for your Hard Dog bar!!!! No one who sees the picture can believe I survived. That bar was the first thing I put on the car when I purchased it several years ago. I always felt that any convertable should have something to protect your head!

Thank for making such a great product.

Zoom Zoom,
Rose Gontkovsky

M2 Sport with Double Diagonal Crash Photo

M2 Sport with Double Diagonal Crash Photo

January, 2004

Hi there. I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you all for making a great rollbar. I was recently in a wreck (a drunk hit me from behind). The cops said that the bar saved my life. From the picture, you can see what they meant.

Amazingly, I walked away with only a couple scratches (mostly from crawling out the shattered window).

The bar I had was a Hard Bar Sport (no diagonal). I installed it myself. I plan to get another Miata. You can be sure that another Hard Dog roll-bar will be installed right away.

So thanks again.

Matt Erdmann
Marietta, GA

Hard Bar Sport w/ no Diagonal Crash Photo

Hard Bar Sport w/ no Diagonal Crash Photo

July, 2004

David (my son) and his friend had a mishap in my 90 Miata at 0605 Sunday morning, 11 July 04. Over estimating the grip on a smooth road surface, he swerved to miss a rabbit and departed the roadway. The car slid down a hill on the wet grass right into a large light pole. Impact speed was apx 40 mph which caused the pole to be knocked from the base. A couple of seconds after the initial impact the 2 each 80+ lb lights fell the 45 feet onto the car. One of the lights landed in the cockpit and shattered which caused most of David's cuts. The weight of the light fixture nearly cut the center console in half.

Then the 45' light pole fell on the car. It grazed the left A pillar and struck the roll bar right above David's head, and was deflected onto the trunk and rear fender which it heavily damaged.

We were very lucky, the racing harness held him firmly in place. The airbag blew but only served to fling his left hand into the windscreen (you can see the broken area in upper left corner) and cause a slight burn to his right forearm from the hot gasses.

The falling light was deflected by the Hard Dog roll bar, keeping it from landing directly on David's right arm. His passenger had turned to use his left hand to open the door which probably kept him from losing his left arm (the light just missed him). The passenger was wearing the factory seat belt and received a bad bruise across his chest from the belt and a broken tail bone when he slammed back into the seat after the initial impact.

The big deal was the Hard Dog roll bar which deflected the very large 45' metal pole from hitting David in the head. You can see the dent across the left rear fender that would have been across the drivers head rest had the bar not been there. That was a life saver.

The safety equipment works, they both walked away from what could have easily been a fatal or severe injury accident.

Thanks for building a great product, I plan to replace the Miata and I will not drive the replacement until the Hard Dog roll bar is installed.

Dave Leedom

Hard Core Hard Top  w/ Single Diagonal Crash Photo

Hard Core Hard Top  w/ Single Diagonal Crash Photo

Hard Core Hard Top  w/ Single Diagonal Crash Photo

Hard Core Hard Top  w/ Single Diagonal Crash Photo

Your Hard Dog, Hard Core, Double D roll-bar helped save my legs. On January 12, 2003 Mary Ann and I had an accident, we hydroplaned into a tree. I was in the passenger seat and was pinned in for just over an hour.

Here are the pictures and explanations of our accident:

The right wheel is what pushed up the floor board that broke and pinned my left leg. The firemen said front wheel had been pulled out about a foot in this photo. The doors were attached, the firemen cut them off, the left door opened, the right did not. Notice the wet streets in the background.

Notice the mark on the tree and the height of the bumper, evidence that we flew into the tree. The car sort of folded on impact. The right front tire was the point of impact. The left side and rear of the car were barely affected.

After the firemen tried twice to lift the dash (the back of the ram punched through the wall in the ear of the cockpit), I suggested that they push off the roll-bar. This is the final position of the hydraulic ram that lifted the dash, which released my left leg. So you see while we did not roll over, your roll-bar did help get me out of the car.

Thank you for your product.

BTW (because the warranty) we will be getting another Miata, and your roll-bar will be installed soon afterwards.

President, Tejas Miata Club
Keebler, my '99 Miata
154,000 miles and counting


M2 Sport with Double Diagonal Crash Photo

M2 Sport with Double Diagonal Crash Photo

M2 Sport with Double Diagonal Crash Photo

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