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RevTech® 6 Speed Transmissions



RevTech® ‘6-Speed Overdrive’ Complete Transmission Assemblies

At last there’s a solution that reduces vibration and improves acceleration. When the bike hits freeway speeds, simply shift into 6th gear and lower the cruising RPM. Freeway cruising becomes more enjoyable with reduced vibration, increased gas mileage while keeping the engine in the heart of it’s torque band.

All of our RevTech® 6-speed transmissions are complete, and ready-to-install in place of the stock transmission with absolutely no modifications required! Every transmission features a forged aluminum trap door to withstand the performance demands of high-output motors, and gears made from 8620H chromemoly steel with precision-ground teeth and back-cut gear dogs for smooth and accurate engagement.

Quieter operation is achieved with mainshafts and countershafts that feature major-diameter fit-splines, and the shift forks are investment cast for strength and durability.

In addition to these ground-breaking innovations, a CNC-machined, radially-uniform shift cam is used for smooth, precise gear shifting and a shift lever throw that is same in every gear.

Every RevTech® 6-speed uses a close-ratio 2.94:1 first gear and .893:1 overdrive 6th gear, and have chrome covers fitted to cases with polished or black wrinkle painted finishes.

A chrome end cover featuring the distinctive RevTech® 6-speed logo laser-etched into its surface is also included.


RevTech 110

RevTech 110
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Updated April 12, 2005 8:40 PM