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Shelby calls 'em-a sport car. You know, a thing to be driven.

In the early 1960's, an automotive marriage between a European sports car and the American V-8 was envisioned by Carroll Shelby.

By dropping a lightweight small-block Ford V-8 engine into the chassis & aluminum body of a British AC Ace 2-seat roadster, Shelby created a car that would dominate the racing circuits of

Shelby Cobra
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the era and change the face of automotive history forever. Throughout the 60's, the Cobra was refined, and evolved into a thundering, firebreathing, take-no-prisoners, flare fendered, big block 427 S/C Cobra roadster. Today, this magnificent machine is regarded as the very essence of brute automotive power.

Many of you celebrate the spirit of the Shelby Cobra by sharing a passion for this legendary race car. Enthusiast from all across the world build, customize, race & drive Shelby Cobra replicas.

We share your enthusiasm, and are here to provide our customers with the highest quality products and customer support. Bethania Garage has been family owned and operated since 1925. Depend on us for superior parts and services for your Cobra.

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